Big Data/ Analytics

TechTriad’s Big Data and Analytics services enable organizations to conceptualize and implement a well-thought-out big data program across multiple domains and business areas. We help our clients to establish innovative and effective Big Data engineering capabilities right from strategy road map, tech evaluation, and proof of concept to platform customization and implementation. Our big data solutions enable organizations to:

  • Find the right approach and techniques to collecting, analyzing and connecting with data.
  • Integrate variety of data, both structured and unstructured , connecting the data silos for generating meaningful and actionable insights
  • Develop and implement big data solutions across all business verticals.
  • Determine a consistent set of metrics to analyze, monitor and forecast business performance.
  • Supports taking timelier and intelligent decisions for the organization through advanced analytics reports and dashboard solutions
  • Connecting people across the organization with the right information they need for work and thus increase each individuals productivity